The Great Flood Society

 Is a charity alliance in the Helwan area that is committed to helping the people in Heker El Tebeen village.

GFS a non-governmental organization was registered 1997 with the Egyptian Ministry of Social Affairs .

Is to contribute to improving the primary health care in the area of Heker El Tebeen where diseases can be attributed to poverty, lack of hygiene awareness and poor sanitation.

  • To serve the underprivleged areas of Egypt with a mobile clinic offering medical check-ups and information on how to improve levels of health and hygeine.

  • To house orphaned children street children.

  • To educate as many people as possible of all ages in health and hygiene awareness. 

  • To educate children and offer them with life skill to prepare them for future life.

  • Buy land about 2000 M2

  • Build community service consisting of

  • Primary and prep school

  • Conferencs building

Committee board

John Doe
Beshay Halim President / Pastor
John Doe
Lahzy Ibrahem Secretary / Businessman
John Doe
Mr. Naim saeed Accountant / Stuff manger in hospital
John Doe
Mr. Adel micheal Voice Chairman / Stuff Manger


John Doe
Amira Mawaad Persons Description
John Doe
AbeerAdel Persons Description
John Doe
Rose Meliek Persons Description




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